Tell Me You Love Me (part 2)

Anime: Japanese animation

Ashikoki: using the feet to manipulate a sex partner’s penis

AV: (“adult video”) Different countries use abbreviations for different things. In Japan for example, a P.A. is a “parking area” or a little place you pull off the freeway to buy food, drinks and gasoline. AV is Japanese parliance for “adult video” (not audio/visual), and an AV girl or AV idol is an adult video star. Now you know.

Bakunyuu: the depiction of women with large breasts. Literally translated to “busty”.

Bishoujo: (“Pretty girl”) A term that describes a pretty girl.

Bishonen: (“Beautiful Boy”) An attractive male, more often than not androgynous in appearance

Bukkake: A sex practice wherein a large group of men ejaculate onto someone who is often (bound and) kneeling. Bukkake is also a real word, not just a sexual one — food with thick sauces spread over them often use the word in their names.

Burusera: shops that sell used girl panties. A single pair often goes for $50-$100.

Chinchin Kenkyu: (“Penis Study”) A genre of pornography in which an “innocent” young woman (or women) is presented with a well-built naked man to experiment with. Often there is an audience of a hundred women and only a few men; several of the women will volunteer to try various sex acts on the men.

Cosplay: (“costume play”) Basically, dressing up in your favorite costumes, usually as characters from anime or video game.

Deri Heru: (“Delivery Health”) is a form of prostitution in Japan similar to fashion health, the difference being that the brothel has no premises and is essentially a call girl or escort service. Outcall call girl businesses distribute advertising handouts to home and apartment mailboxes, telephone booths, restrooms and the like in big cities in Japan.

Doujinshi: (“Same person books”) They are very much “tributes” to the popular anime, comic and game characters, even the erotic ones: the fans love the characters so much, they can’t help drawing erotic tales, fantasizing about this character having sex with that. They are very collectible, since only a few hundred of each book are printed, and they’re nearly always out of print from that moment.

Ecchi: (“H”) Basically anything sexual, lewd or naughty. Mostly focusing on nudity, partial nudity, and provocative clothing rather than pure sex.

Eroanime: Erotic anime

Enjo Kosai A euphemism for a form of teenage prostitution. Teenage schoolgirls are taken out, wined and dined, paid hansomely and in return they “date” older Salarymen. The Salarymen get what they want, for a price that’s agreed upon up-front, and many single salarymen consider it a good bargain. Plus it allows them to get their hands on the much sought after “sailor girls”. (teens in teasing school unifroms).

Fasshonherusu: (“Fashion-health massage”) is a form of Japanese brothel that manages to avoid the anti-prostitution law by offering a range of services that stop short full intercourse.

Futanari: A depiction of females who naturally have male genitalia, often exaggerated beyond normal proportions. Hermaphrodites. She-males.

Fuzoku : (“sexual culture”) A word which originally just meant “culture,” it now refers to sexual culture.

Gaijin: (“foreigner”) This isn’t necessarily a fuzoku related word but I threw it on here in case some reasers aren’t familair with the term. A word that literally means “outsider,” gaijin is kind of a rude word when used in some situations. A more politically correct word is “gai-koku jin” or “outside country person.” There is a tendency for gaijin to refer to themselves by this word, but sometimes take offense if Japanese say “Hey, gaijin.” In this way, it’s not unlike American blacks and their use of the word ‘nigga’ as a way of forming groups.

Girl Hunter: (I was unable to find the Japanese word for this practice). A guy who pays random ordinary women to have sex with him. These guys dress to in very nice suits or tuxes, hang out around busy train and subway stations and proposition passing female commuters to come to a Love Hotel and make a little extra money. An Officelady will approach, covering her face with her scarf or newspaper, and off they go.

Gokkun: (“gulp”) This is the sound of swallowing to the Japanese. This is a genre of Japanese adult video in which a woman consumes copious amounts of semen.

Guro: focusing on imaginative gore and mutilation.

Gyaku Nanpa aka Gyakunan sareru : Being solicited by a woman for sexual purposes

Hadaka: The japanese word for nude.

Hamedori: A genre of pornography, in which a male pornographic actor serves as the camera operator while also performing. Therefore, the viewer witnesses the sex act from the man’s point of view, and can perhaps experience the act vicariously.

Hentai: (“sexual pervert”) In English, fans started using it as a catchall to describe all adult Japanese anime anime, games and comics

Imekura: (“Image Club”) are a type of brothel in Japan similar to fashion health parlors. They differ in that image clubs are themed along popular sexual fantasies such as an office, a doctor’s surgery, a classroom, or a train carriage. The prostitutes themselves, whose activities are usually limited to oral sex, wear exaggerated costumes appropriate to the setting and the desire of the customer.

Jankenpon: (“rock, paper, scissors”) This is what you say when you play ‘rock, paper, scissors’ in Japan. Not necessarily sexual…but it’s just fun to say. “Jan-ken-pon!!”

Ju hachi kin: (“prohibited for sale to persons under 18”) A warning label.

Jukan: Bestiality

Karada: Japanese rope bondage

Kawaii: (“cute”) Usually said “Kawaii!!!!!” by young girls in a high-pitched voice than can shatter eardrums.

Kogal: (literally: “child girl”) Really difficult to describe. Kogals are a kind of Japanese girl who wear outrageous styles, paint their faces with weird make-up, and tan their bodies in tanning salons. There have been many shifts in kogal culture since they emerged around 1995, growing out of the old Amuler boom – when all the girls wanted to dress up like Amuro Namie. Various types have included including younger versions of kogals (mago-gals, where “mago” means “grandchild”), yamanba (“mountain hags,” girls who tan themselves til they’re black), and one-gal (gals who act grown up, like stylish actress/model Noriko Fujiwara). Kogals are usually very slutty, thus Japan’s pornography industry has latched onto that with magazines, videos and more. There are also “mama-gals” in Japan now, silly young women in their early 20’s who wear outrageous fashions yet push baby carriages.

Kinbaku: Rope Play or bondage. Also known as shibari which is the art of tying a person up.

Kintama tsubushi: sexual torture that involves squeezing a man by the testicles

Kichiku: despiction of violent sex act, such as rape, gang rape or other non consensual sex activities (ryoujoku and Kankin also are common words)

Kyabakura: (“cabaret club”) is often a night club where a client, typically male, would pay for a woman’s company. The women would work under a manager or “mamma san”. Hostess clubs are in general not related to prostitution

Kagema: male prostitutes usually teenagers but often quite a bit older but made up to look like adolescents

Lolicon/Roricon: includes girls who are depicted as being below the age of consent.

Manga : “Japanese comics”

Meganekko: (“glasses girl”) A word that means a girl who wears glasses. There is a large cult following in Japan for “four-eyes” (take that you Jr. High School bastards that pick on a girl because she has to wear glasses)

Merukura: (“Mail clubs”) Are mobile phone and personal computer based dating services originating in Japan.

Moe: A Japanese slang word originally referring to fetish for or love for characters in video games or anime and manga.

Nanpa: Guys soliciting girls for sexual favors.

Namasera: A variation of Burusera. “Nama” means Fresh. The concept is the same as burusera, but the “goods” are still being worn by the girl who then removes them and hands them over directly at the point of sale.

Neko: a woman or girl with cat ears and a cat tail, but an otherwise human body; they are found semi-commonly in anime and manga. Cosplay Catgirls wishing to look especially cute will wear over-sized mittens and shoes that look like paws. Catgirls are typically not considered furry because they resemble humans with cat-like embellishments rather than being an anthropomorphic cat.

No-pan kissa: (literally “no-pants cafe”) Cafes where the waitresses wear short skirts with no underwear. The floors, or sections of the floor, are often mirrored.

Nyotaimori: Naked sushi. Seriously. A woman is scrubbed clean and lies naked on a table. The sushi chef places his nummy treats all over her body and then she is carted out to the waiting party. Dessert sex with Sushi Girl (that would make a good album title) is sometimes included.

Omanko: (“pussy”) The only “really” bad word in Japanese, omanko (or just “manko” — the “o” on the front of words in Japanese is a polite prefix that could be translated as “honorable”) just means pussy. Don’t say it to Japanese people, it’s very rude.

Onsen Geisha: prostitutes who work at hotsprings in Japan and appropriate the geisha image to add an element of class to their trade.

Otaku: A word which really means “you” or “your family,” this is a term that has come to mean anyone who gets carried away in his love of anime, manga, sci-fi films, JPOP idols, or any other topic. There are all kinds of otakus in the world, perfume otaku, goth otakus, shoe otakus. Obsession is fun! Note that fans of anime use the term all over the world, but in Japan it’s not really a positive concept. Just as you wouldn’t always feel right about a “Trekkie” who wore Spock ears while shopping, celebration of one’s self as an otaku is better done quietly and with others who share your passion. If you have anime T-shirts and want to wear them in Japan, you might want to reconsider.

Panchira: panty-shot or upskirt ‘take’. Think “Colorful”.

Pinsaro: (“pink salon”) a type of brothel in Japan which specialises in oral sex. A pink salon is unusual in that the service is offered in small booths within a large open-plan room.

Paizuri: The Japanese word for a man coplating with a woman’s breasts. In this act, the man’s penis is placed on the intermammary sulcus and squeezed between the woman’s breasts and stimulated with an upwards and downwards sliding motion, usually with the aid of a sexual lubricant. It is a form of safer sex. When carried to the point of ejaculation, the semen that lands on the woman’s upper chest, neck, or shoulders is sometimes called a “pearl necklace”

Rabu hoteru: (“Love hotel”) Originally a type of hotel offering privacy for a couple to have sex.

Roshutsu: A genre of pornography in Japan in which pornographic actors undress or otherwise expose their bodies outdoors, especially in public spaces. It is distinct from but related to the practice of Aokan (Japanese), that is, outdoor sex.

Sanpi: sexual intercourse done by three people at a time.

Sao Shimai: (“Pole Sisters”) Two or more women that have had sex with the same man.

Shibari: literally means bondage

Shunga: erotic pictures.

Sopurando: (“Soapland”) A type of brothel where men can be bathed by and can bathe with female prostitutes. There are few soaplands for gay men. Soaplands were originally called toruko, an abbreviated form of the word for Turkish bath.

Shota: the depiction of underage boys having intercourse with other boys, men or women.

Seiyuu: Voice actress. There is a cult that worships voice actresses in Japan, and they are very famous, so much so that there’s a special issue of Animage just for following voice actors published each month.

Shonen-ai: (“boy love”) Cherry-blossoms and tragedy.

Shojo: (“girl”) Meaning simply “girl,” this word has come to describe any kind of anime or manga comic for girls. Weekly manga magazines like Ribbon are “shojo comics.” Often, shojo themes are cross-bred with other themes

Tamakeri: An interesting fetish that’s gaining in popularity, tamakeri is “ball-kicking” and it involves a pretty girl kicking men in the balls, usually quite hard.

Telekura: an abbreviation for “telephone clubs (terefonkurabu) are telephone-based dating services.

Tekoki: Another fetish to come up in recent years, tekoki is the act of a female giving a male a hand job.

Tentacle sex: the depiction of tentacled creatures or monsters (imaginative or otherwise) engaging in sex with girls. Ok, this one is really odd, I haven’t been able to find the Japanese word for this particular fetish, which is stange considering that 75f all hentai involves tentacles of some sort. Hmm.

Urabon: (“underground book”) Ostensibly, an illegal book containing uncensored sex photos. Pornography companies latch on to this, though, and use the term liberally. There are also “ura video” (uncensored, underground video) sold in Japan, but they’re almost always censored (go figure).

Yaoi: male/male homosexual sexual relationship. A huge form of comic/anime, yaoi is an often sexual art style that is generally popular among girls. It often features drama.

Yuri: Lesbian content, possibly sexually explicit, in anime, manga, and related fan fiction. In Western media, the term femmeslash is used instead.

Zamen: The German pronounciation for the word “semen” which the Japanese imported back when Germany was their friend and America was their enemy

Zenra: is an expression whose literal translation is “completely nude”. It is a genre of pornography whose title seems redundant (“completely nude pornography”). Zenra differentiates itself from other proclivities in that the subjects are usually groups of women participating in everyday tasks that they might otherwise perform clothed

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